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Saint Hasbulla featured on Illuminidol’s Texas-made 8” prayer candle. The most divine way to bless any Hasbulla disciple!

  • Texas Made
  • 8” in height
  • Unscented
  • Ships anywhere in the US via Priority Mail
  • Custom and Wholesale options available


8" height

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Emelie Robinson
life changing.

as soon as i received my hasbulla candle my life was automatically changed. hasbulla has been there when nobody else was. praise the lord hasbulla 🙏

Ashton Keilmann
Lord Hasbulla is saint!

I lit this candle and prayed to Lord Hasbulla to cure my Covid and he did! I felt his powers, they gave me so much strength to overcome it.

Caitlin McAllister
iVE restored faith in humanity

ever since receiving this candle, my life has been so much better. i was stood on the edge of a bridge and i went to say goodbye to my loved ones. b ut then. i found the candle, i knew this was my last shot of life, it was a sign to keep going, you can do this, says hasbulla. it was worth the $15 + shipping.

very nice would recommend

Hasbullah lover 69 420
He made me feel things.....

I thought this was a normal candle.......I was proved wrong!! After I lighted Lord Hasbullahs flame. It ignited something in me. I have never been the same... he changed me. Watching him burning like that on my table. My god, what a man.

Can only recommend it with my highest regard. to everyone I know.

Hasbi Believer 001
No words, just feelings.

Best candle ever. Prayers work like a charm with this one.
It's worth mentioning that the candle is same height as the Lord Hasbulla himself.
God Bless him.